Endecott-Endicott Family Association, Inc. Journal

Priority will be given to new material - i.e. information that, to date has not been widely circulated on the EFA, Inc. website, the Endicott_Gen or through other means.

Priority also will be given to information about Dr. Zerubbabel Endicott's children other than Joseph, and to information about the female lines of the Endecott-Endicott ancestry - particularly, Ann Gover Endicott and Elizabeth Gibson CoganEndicott (Governor John Endicott); Mary Smith Endicott and Elizabeth Winthrop Endicott (Zerubbabel Endicott); HannaGossling (Joseph Endicott, Sr.); Anne Gillam (Joseph Endicott, Jr.), Sarah Welsh (Thomas Endicott); Wilmont (Wilmett) Nation (Joseph Endicott); Elizabeth Varner (Joseph Nation Endicott) and other wives of our Endecott and Endicott male ancestors.

Information on the lifestyles of the times, how various generations lived would be greatly appreciated. Of primary interest would be migrating through the Cumberland Gap and the move from Kentucky to Indiana and westward. Also, lifestyle information on the Mass Bay Colony, and what it was like on the Mary and John (Elizabeth Gibson Cogan) who came over with Roger Ludlow in 1630 during the Great Migration would be of significant interest.

Genealogical/ historical information and discussion on the Massachusetts and New Jersey “Stay Behind Endicotts” would be greatly appreciated and most welcomed.

More recent well-known ancestors also will be given prominent attention.

The length and subject matter of articles should have some prior discussion with us as to topic and programming for publication in the Journal They should be submitted via e-mail in Word.doc 12pt Times New Roman font in a virus-free environment. If you have a problem with this, please let us know. You may submit them to us at gsharmon10@hotmail.com(Gordon S. Harmon). Please put EFA Journal in the subject line.

Sources should be included in footnotes or endnotes following the accepted format, where possible. This is particularly necessary if the information comes from published sources with or without copyright. If it is passed down family oral history, tell us that. If it comes from a family Bible, how fortunate you are to have it, but tell us that.

We will only accept for publication one article per individual per issue unless circumstances permit otherwise. That way we know we will have a cross section of information from a wide variety of Endicott Cousins all with similar, yet different focus.

All published information will show the contributors and give the appropriate credit.

The Editor of the EFA, Inc. Journal reserves the right to accept or reject all submitted information. Any edited information will gain the approval of the submitter before publication in the Journal.

The EFA, Inc. Journal will be published semi-annually on Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. The deadline for submission of information must be received 60 days prior to publication date.

We WELCOME your comments, suggestions and constructive criticism in an effort to improve upon the EFA, Inc. Journal:Our Endicott Heritage Trail.

We hope we can have some fun with this, learn something and share information, all at the same time.

Gordon Stewart Harmon
Editor, EFA, Inc. Journal

Updated November, 2013